PEP welcomes volunteers!

Feeding and walking the dogs, scooping poop, general shelter maintenance and going out on rescues and vet visits are all part of our daily routine. But volunteering at PEP is not just hard work, dust and sweat … it is also a lot of fun for both the humans and the dogs alike.

Apart from the daily work at the shelter we also have other volunteer opportunities as we are currently in the process of planning for the construction of our new PERMANENT shelter and dealing with all kinds of logistical projects and fund raising.

A basic knowledge of conversational Spanish is an advantage, but not required unless you are interested in helping with the shelter outreach program or advanced logistics.

Located in Puerto Escondido on the south west coast of Mexico, we are fortunate to be able to offer our volunteers a warm, sunny climate all year round. During the rainy season, from May to October, the weather is quite humid but the rainstorms can be spectacular and the waves are at their most impressive. The beaches around Puerto are perfect for surfing, as well as for spotting turtles and whales during their nesting and migrating seasons.

If you LOVE dogs, have good animal and people skills, are committed and confident and think you have something to offer to our shelter dogs and/or the community, please contact us with a summary of your skills and experiences at:



A word of caution, volunteering at PEP does carry one risk … you might just fall in love with one of our beautiful dogs and have to take it home with you! A significant number of our local and international volunteers have adopted PEP pups over the years. You have been warned!