Word of mouth is the best advertising!

PEP does not have an advertising budget nor do we ever pay for advertising of any kind. We simply do not have the available funds so we rely on our supporters to help spread the word about the work we do at the shelter.

How can you help with this?

✔ Like us and follow us on Facebook

✔ Share significant Facebook posts

✔ Invite any friends who may be interested in animal welfare to like us as well

✔ Engage with us on Facebook by liking or commenting on some of our posts

Facebook has recently, dramatically reduced the organic (unpaid) reach of our posts because they want us to pay to boost them. To boost one post is equivalent to the cost of one to two 25 kilo bags of dog food depending how much traffic there is on Facebook that day. We just cannot do it. One of our recent posts was only displayed on 7 of our follower’s timelines which means that even if you are following us you may never see our posts unless you go directly to our page. However, Facebook does look at the activity on community pages. The more engagement we have, the more valuable we are to them and the more they will extend our organic reach. Facebook is a very valuable tool but only if we can reach our audience.


✔ Share the link to our website

✔ Share our special fundraisers

✔ Talk about the work we do




Together we can make a difference in the lives of the dogs!