Help us to buy dog food, pay for medical treatment and vaccinations and improve the shelters.
Support all our dogs or sponsor a dog of your choice.


Perros en Puerto receives no government funding and we rely solely on the donations of our generous supporters to continue the work we do. We are a strictly volunteer run association and 100% of every donation goes towards improving the lives of the dogs in our care.

Your donations will pay for dog food, vaccinations, medical expenses, flea, tick and parasite prevention products and shelter maintenance.

Sadly many of the dogs we rescue are in very bad physical condition upon intake and we can incur substantial veterinary expenses during their recovery. We never know when this may occur but we have to be prepared so we can approve the critical care without hesitation. Your donations will also allow us to build up a contingency fund for such emergencies.



Perros en Puerto urgently needs to relocate the shelter (read more here). This is not the first time it has had to be relocated but it will be the last!

Without adequate resources a permanent shelter was never an option, until now. In November 2016 a very generous benefactor donated a large piece of property upon which to build a safe and permanent shelter. Now the challenge is to raise the funds for construction and for this we desperately need your help!

If you would like to support us by donating towards the new shelter please let us know at the time of donation and we will allocate the amount to our construction fund.  All donations, large or small will make a huge difference!

Watch our fundraising video here (YouTube).



In addition to monetary donations we also welcome the donation of the following items that we need on an ongoing basis:

● adult dog food

● puppy food

● Alfalfa or Cacahuate for our two shelter horses

● sturdy collars and leashes

● hard sided, airline approved, medium, large and extra large dog crates in good condition for air transport

● soft sided, airline approved carriers in good condition for air transport

● hard sided large and extra large dog crates in decent condition for use in the shelter. These do not need to be pretty as long as the doors are in good working order.

● Large, gently used towels

● 2.5 meter wooden fence posts, as well as 2 meter sturdy chain link fencing

● Non-metal corrugated roofing, new or gently used

If you are able to help by donating any of the above much needed items, please contact us directly at


As a registered civil association we are able to receive donations.
You can use Paypal for an easy and safe money transfer.





You can donate monthly towards our regular shelter costs or you can choose to sponsor a specific dog. Our “sanctuary” dogs are the most in need sponsorship but we also welcome sponsorship of our adoptable dogs until they find their forever homes.

Let us know which dog you wish to sponsor and we will send you regular updates. $20 per month will cover one dog’s basic care.

You can cancel your subscription at any time through your PayPal account.