PEP needs a network of foster homes!

Our current shelter is not equipped to handle the following intakes and we often need local foster homes for these dogs on an emergency basis:

● very young orphaned puppies who need to be bottle fed every 2 hours

● puppies under the age of 3 months

● whelping mothers and their pups

● special needs dogs and dogs recovering from injury and/or surgery


PEP will provide all the food and supplies you need and pay all pre-approved veterinary costs at our veterinary clinic. Ideally you would be able to take the dogs to and from the vet but if this is not possible we can arrange transport.

If you have dogs of your own they must be fully vaccinated and get along well with other dogs and, especially, puppies. When fostering whelping mamas and their pups you should have a spare room you can close off as the mothers can be very protective of their puppies around other animals. We do also require that you have a secure, fenced yard or that you are willing to walk the dogs regularly and on leash at all times.

Could you temporarily open your home and your heart to one or more of these dogs? If so, and you have the time to spend with puppies or sick and/or recovering dogs we would love to hear from you.


For more information and/or to register for our foster program please contact us at: