Adoption Requisites & Application

Our dogs are patiently waiting for a loving forever home.
Visit us, get to know them … you might just fall in love!


What you should know before you decide to adopt :
  • We ask for a donation. The reason that we ask for a donation is to help cover a very small fraction of the costs incurred for curative and preventative medicine, dog food, vaccines, spaying and neutering etc. Your donation helps us continue to help more dogs in need. The minimum donation is $1000 pesos.
  • We ask for a current photo id of the applicant and a copy of a bill with the address where the dog will be living.
  • We do welfare checks for our adopted dogs.
  • Two weeks after an adoption we will set a date to come and visit the dog and assess how everyone is getting along and discuss wether or not the adoption will be permanent. We will also help with any questions or concerns that the new owners may have.
Candidates that wish to adopt a dog must comply with the following requisites:
Attend the animals basic needs:
1. Ensure that the dog has a comfortable place to rest that is protected from the elements. This includes sun, wind and rain.
2. Feed your dog according to her size and activity level. Depending on your preference once or twice a day.
3. Your dog must ALWAYS have access to fresh clean water.
4. You should always have your dog on a leash when walking in areas with car traffic or where the dog may become nervous.
5. Treat your dog with love and respect and correct their misbehavior without severe punishment or hitting. Consistency and firmness is all that a dog needs to understand what you expect of them.
6. If your dog becomes ill or is injured take them immediately to receive medical attention from a licensed Veterinarian. DO NOT self diagnose or treat with home remedies.
7. If you adopt a dog that is not spayed/neutered make an appointment with your vet to do so or plan to take them to a sterilization campaign BEFORE they come into heat.
8. Do not abandon or give away your dog. If you can no longer care for or do not get along with your dog YOU MUST contact Perros en Puerto AC ( 954 101 20 63) to make arrangements to return the dog.
9. Owners are responsible for any damage that their dog may provoke.
10DO NOT put your dog into risky or dangerous situations.
11. Please update Perros en Puerto AC of any changes of address, telephone or email.
12. Inform Perros en Puerto AC if your dog dies or is lost . Please also contact us with any questions or doubts you may have about your dog’s adaptation to his new home.


IMPORTANT: Please read the application and if interested make an appointment to visit the shelter by calling 954 101 2063 or sending us a message via fb. Thanks
We ask the following questions in order to understand your needs and particular domestic circumstances so that we may better guide you toward the most suitable choices from the dogs available for adoption. The questions are to ensure a safe and happy transition for both the dog and their new family. There are no wrong answers so please be sincere.
1. Why do want to adopt a dog?
2. Have you had previous experience as a pet owner?
3. What age of dog would you like to adopt?
4. Would you prefer a male or female dog?
5. Will the dog be mostly an indoor or outdoor dog?
6. Do you currently have pets? Cats? Dogs? Other?
7. How many people are in your household? How many children and what age?
8. If you have other pets who is your vet?
9. If you have other pets are they spayed/neutered?
10. What do you plan to feed your dog? dog food? homemade? Other?
11. Is the property where the dog will be living fully walled in? fenced in? or Other?
12. Approximately how many hours a day will the dog be home alone?
13. What arrangements will you make for your dog when you go out of town?
14. If you must move house will you take your dog with you? What would you do with the dog
if not?