At PEP all our dogs are happy and, except for some of the few special needs sanctuary dogs, very healthy.

Although they live in a shelter they have a very good quality of life but every single one of these beautiful dogs would love and so deserves a home of its own. A place where they can shine, be the center of loving attention and a member of a much smaller pack. And, very importantly, for each dog adopted another dog in need can be saved.

The shelter is comprised of several, large, open air enclosures with dog houses for shelter in the rainy season, shade structures and/or trees.

The dogs have the earth below their feet and none of the them are housed in concrete kennel runs. They live in packs of between 2 and 7 dogs per enclosure and are well socialized with other dogs and humans alike.

All the dogs are walked a minimum of once a day.

The youngsters and the high energy dogs go out twice a day. Most of them are walked off leash and have ample opportunity to run, sniff, mark and explore. Only dogs that don’t stay close or always come back when called are walked on leash. They all receive food, fresh water and loads of love, attention and human interaction twice a day, in the morning and late afternoon. And all their poop is scooped then too! The rest of their day is spent relaxing and snoozing in the tropical heat.

The shelter dogs have all been rescued off the streets of Puerto Escondido either as adults or puppies.

Many were in dire need, abandoned, neglected, sick, starving and/or abused. At PEP they were given critical medical care, much love and attention, a safe refuge, proper food, regular deworming and flea and tick prevention. The vast majority of these dogs have fully recovered both physically and emotionally. They are healthy, loving and well adjusted. The very few who have not are our sanctuary dogs and will most probably live out their days with us at the shelter unless they were to form a very special connection with a very special person. We do welcome sponsorship of our sanctuary animals so if you are interested in supporting us in this way you can view their profiles here.

It is important to note that because our dogs live in a shelter most are not leash or house trained but we understand that they adapt quickly and well with very few problems.

Nor have most of them been exposed to children or cats so we cannot attest to how well they will do with either however many of our dogs have been adopted into families with children and love them. We know the personalities of all the dogs and can help to match you with the ones who may be most suited to families with children. Dogs who were rescued as tiny puppies have all lived in the house for the first few weeks of their lives until they were old enough to move into the puppy shelter. Here they received the basics of house training.

And finally all of our adoptable dogs are of mixed breed.

It is fun to try to guess what might be in there but without DNA testing, in most cases, all we can do is guess. One thing that we do know for sure is that their breed is “Awesome” and you will never regret welcoming one of them into your life.