The history of "Perros en Puerto"

"My name is Annette Bodier and I was born in Germany, studied Biology at Portsmouth University, England and pursued a career in Marine Biology and Teaching Sciences at high schools in New Zealand. I have always been active in animal and environmental protection and have participated in a number of volunteer projects around the world, such as studying the nesting behavior of green turtles in Galapagos, teaching environmental sciences in India, saving whales in New Zealand and working in an animal orphanage in Bolivia.

Within 3 months of arriving in Mexico in 2005 I rescued my first street puppy, her name is Kanche, and she is still with me now. By the time I arrived in Puerto Escondido in the south of Mexico, I had seen a lot of suffering dogs and could no longer ignore the pleading eyes of the starving and injured animals I went to seek out like-minded people that would help me accomplish my dream to create a safe haven for the canine community. As a result Perros en Puerto A.C. was founded in August 2008.

PEP is a registered, non-governmental, non-profit organization and is funded through donations and my personal savings. I'm currently the only active member that is full time involved in the rescue and care taking of street dogs, organization of campaigns and fundraising. Other volunteers have joined this program from all around the world helping with different aspects such as fundraising, campaigns, animal rescue and maintenance of the shelters.

PEP AC has become a well-known entity in the community of Puerto Escondido, and we have now established working relationships with a variety of services in town. In 2009 and 2010 PEP worked together with the governmental health service (Centro de Salud) giving free rabies vaccinations and anti-parasite treatments to cats and dogs. This was part of an ongoing program to reduce health risks in the communities.

Although animal protection laws have recently been implemented in the State of Oaxaca, people still can and will do just about anything to maltreat animals. Mexico is currently ranked No. 1 of all Latin American countries with respect to abandonment and abuse."

Interviews with Annette